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A big THANK YOU to all the people during 2014 who helped make UJR and other ADHD-based scripts such a roaring success.

Here are the full stats for 2014 - each of the .au.txt files are the Auto Update files that get read once each time an ADHD app is started, so in effect gives a "Usage Counter".

adhd.au.txt is read for all ADHD apps, and ujr.au.txt is for UJR.

From this, we can see that UJR was run 71,217 times in 2014 - that's  195 times a day, or 8 times an hour, or once every 7.5 minutes (on average).

Oh, and as you can see on the right, seems like Santa was generous this year? 15,000 hits on Christmas Day? I guess a lot of people got joysticks for Christmas?