Nefarius’ ViGEm

Nefarius is doing some stellar work creating a replacement for vJoy with a bunch of really interesting tricks up it’s sleeve.

It creates a virtual USB bus, so on the output side it should (in theory) be able to emulate any kind of USB device.

But wait, there’s more! It features what could possibly be described the holy grail for input/output remapping –  a way of blocking a specific application from being able to see a device, whilst allowing another application full access to the device.

In other words, applications like my own UCR will finally be able to hide a joystick from a game, while still receiving input from it, and then create a fake version that the game can see – finally we can play on level pegging with OEM’s software offerings (eg ThrustMaster TARGET, Logitech LGS / SetPoint etc) without having to uninstall their drivers.

Vigem homepage

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