Fire Control

A macro using the ADHD system to control rate of fire (ie “Auto Fire”) in games.


Includes standalone executble and ahk script source.

You can use the .ahk file if you have AutoHotkey installed (Modify it too!) or you can just run the EXE.

For instructions on how to obtain and use AutoHotkey, see AutoHotKey basics.

For a description of base ADHD functions, see here.


What is Fire Control?

Fire Control is an example script for ADHD that lets you configure rapid or paced fire

The Main tab:

  • Set Fire Sequence to a comma separated list of keys to press. (Optional if nothing bound to Fire)
    Single values as well as lists are OK.
  • Set Fire Rate above to the speed to fire at. (Optional if nothing bound to Fire)
  • Using the Change Fire Rate button doubles the fire speed.
  • Set the Weapon Toggle Group to a number to hit when the Weapon Toggle hotkey is pressed. (Optional if nothing bound to Weapon Toggle)
    When the Weapon Toggle is on, the Scroll Lock light on your keyboard should turn on.
  • The macro incorporates a “Limit Fire Rate” mode to stop you spam clicking (or releasing and clicking) faster than the specified fire rate.
  • If you hear a “Dong” noise, that is the macro stopping you from firing. If you keep holding the fire button, it will fire when the weapon is allowed to fire.

The Bindings tab:

  • Here you can bind whichever controls you like to the actions
    In the above picture, the rapid fire function is bound to the middle mouse button, CTRL-F is bound to change fire rate and the 1st side button is bound to weapon toggle.
  • The bindings tab and all other tabs apart from the main tab are common to all ADHD macros.
    Documentation with further information on how to use them can be found here.

If using this macro with Mechwarrior Online:

  • See this page for a good list of weapon fire rates etc.
    In general, divide the Cooldown time by the number of weapons and pop the result in the Fire Rate box.
    Bear in mind however, a laser’s recycle time is the time the beam is on plus the listed recycle time.
  • The Weapon Toggle action is great for TAG (Laser Designator) and Machine Guns – one button to toggle on/off
  • When using Ultra Autocannons (UACs), enable the Limit Fire Rate option to stop you accidentally firing a double shot and incurring the possibility of a jam.
    Also make use of the Change Fire Rate action to switch to double shot mode.
  • When trying to rapidly chain fire weapons, you may need to put each weapon in it’s own group – MWO can be fussy and not fire at the full rate (eg Quad AC2s)
  • The correct setting for the Limit to Application field is CryENGINE
  • You may need to loosen your timings a bit. A good rule of thumb is add 10ms on, per weapon in your chain.
  • Be aware that you can re-visit the same weapon group in a fire sequence
    With a two UAC5s (group 1 and 2), and one AC2 (group 3)…
    1,3,2,3 will yield a faster fire rate as an AC2 fires at ~twice the rate of a UAC5
  • If you wish to say “Hi” (Or “Die!”), my pilot name is evilC
  • It is important to note that ADH does not “block” controls from being seen by MWO.
    If, for example you bind a rapid fire action to Right Mouse Button, either:
    Make sure that weapon group 2 (Right Mouse) has nothing in it,
    Make sure Right Mouse is not bound to anything in MWO.
    Either way, you would then probably want the weapons in groups 3-6

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