ADHD – AutoHotkey Dynamic Hotkeys for Dummies

A library for AutoHotKey to allow the user to bind key+mouse combinations to custom macros via a GUI

Github Page: Download / Report Issues

What is ADHD?

ADHD is an AutoHotkey (AHK) library. It requires AHK to run. Please see AutoHotKey basics for more information on installing and using AHK.

Please also note that when run, an ADHD macro creates an .INI file to store settiings – so if you wish to have a shortcut to an ADHD macro on your desktop, you are advised to put the ahk file somewhere else and drag a shortcut to your desktop.
ADHD is an open source template (GitHub page here) that lets you quickly write AutoHotkey macros.

All ADHD based macros have the following features…

The Bindings tab:
ADHD Bindings Tab

  • Allows end-users to bind hotkeys to an action via a GUITo do this, enter Program Mode from the Bindings tab. Hotkeys are disabled whilst in Program Mode, so be sure to disable it once you are done.
    The basic idea is you go into Program Mode, bind one of the Actions to a key or mouse button, and when you hit that key or mouse button, a macro is triggered.IMPORTANT !! All keys that you bind to actions are Pass Through – that is, if you bind Left Mouse to an action, when you hit the Left Mouse button, windows will still “see” a Left click, as well as whatever the action does.
  • Limit hotkeys to only work inside a specified applicationUse the ? button to find out window IDs (You need the ahk_class field)

The Profiles tab:
ADHD Profiles Tab

  • Saving and loading of settings to an profilesSelect a profile from the drop-down list to load.
    Saving happens automatically any time you change an option
  • Save and load copies of your settings using profiles (with delete/copy/rename)Use the buttons provided

What can I do with ADHD?

When you write a macro using ADHD, you write script for the various actions and optionally place controls (Edit boxes etc) to configure it’s functions on the Main window.

A macro called Fire Control is included as an example, please see this article for more information on how to use it.

A mostly empty template is also included to use as a basis for your macros

The functionality of the Main tab (And thus the whole program) is designed to be changeable.

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